Information and communication technology is a vital resource to all sectors in the contemporary society. Both the private and public sectors rely on I.T since it involves collection, processing, storage and dissemination of data and information. The school of I.T trains theoretical, practical and technical aspects of I.T that are satisfactory towards helping one to support and manage information systems, including networks.


  • To enhance an individual’s computer literacy, consequently increasing literacy levels in the country
  • To empower learners with both theoretical and practical skills in I.T in an integrated manner, to help enhance their problem solving skills
  • To enhance a learner’s analytical skills that will assist them in solving real-world solutions
  • To give students practical skills that will help them create and manage I.T-based establishments.
  • Enhance the productivity of professionals in different fields by helping them develop I.T skills which match their areas of specialization


The I.T sector is fast growing and cuts across all other sectors of the economy. The world is becoming a global field owing to advanced I.T products; as such, the field requires fresh talent to bring innovativeness required in the dynamic I.T market, making graduates with I.T skills highly sought after.

Computer Applications Systems Course 3 Months CSK Introduction to ICT, Information networks, ICT in everyday life, computer & Managing files, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database Processing & Presentation, Desktop publishing, Internet & Communication.
Diploma in Computing & Information Systems (Level 4) 9 Months ABMA Information Systems, Computer Programming, Information Systems Analysis and Design, Information Presentation and Analysis, Web Technologies, General Purpose Software.
Diploma in Computing & Information Systems (Level 5) 9 Months ABMA Database Systems, Software Development, Information Systems Analysis and Design, Web Applications Development, E-Commerce Strategy
Diploma in Computing & Information Systems (Level 6) 9 Months ABMA Software Engineering, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Enterprise Architecture, Organizational Security, IT Project Management, Scalable Web and e-Commerce
Diploma in Graphic Design 3 Months CSK Corel Draw, Adobe Page Maker, Adobe Photoshop
Diploma in Programming & Web Design 3 Months CSK HTML 5, PHP, JavaScript, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator


IT instructors

Computer engineers

Web designer

System analyst

Network administrator

Database administrator

Electronic designer

Graphic designer


System administrator

Data entry clerk

Computer operators

Support technicians

ICT managers