The School provides knowledge and skills for the effective management and prosperity of Shipping & Logistics. The role is vital in analyzing change in technology, competition, size and complexity of shipping firms.


  • Equips students with the knowledge & Skills necessary to secure jobs in the shipping industry.
  • Prepare students with necessary shipping communication skills.
  • Develops a student’s interpersonal, analytical and technical skills suited for the shipping environment.
  • To stimulate students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills and thus promote entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • To equip students with proper skills for planning, organizing, coordinating, motivating, staffing and controlling shipping enterprise activities.


The shipping & Logistics sector continues to grow and expand and therefore qualified graduates in the Clearing & Forwarding, Shipping Management, Shipping & Logistics fields will continually be required to service the needs of this crucial sector.

Diploma in Clearing,  Shipping & Logistics (Level 4)5 SemestersABMAMercantile and Shipping Practice, Principles of International Maritime Logistics, Principles of Shipping and Insurance Management, The
Movement of Dangerous Goods, Overseas Trade Law, Customs Declaration, and Communication Skills
Diploma in Clearing,  Shipping & Logistics (Level 5)5 SemestersABMAManagement of Shipping Operations, International Marine Cargo Management, Management of the International Supply Chain and Logistics,
Financial Aspects of Shipping, International Transport Geography
Diploma in Clearing,  Shipping & Logistics (Level 6)5 SemestersABMAAdvanced Shipping Law, Advanced Marine Insurance and Salvage, The Economics of Maritime Operations, Maritime Safety and Security,
International Maritime Transport Systems,


Shipping Agent

Shipping Manager

Warehouse Manager

Logistics Manager

Clearing & Forwarding Agent

Insurance Agent

Customs Operator

Customs Officer

Shipping Consultant

Transport Manager

Insurance Manager