The school provides knowledge and skills for the effective management and prosperity of both business organizations and firms. The role is vital in analyzing change in technology, competition, size and complexity of business firms. Diploma and Certificate courses offered in the Department include: Business Administration, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, and Sales & Marketing, among others.


  • Equip students with the knowledge & skills necessary to secure jobs in the business industry.
  • Prepare students with necessary business communication skills.
  • Develops a student’s interpersonal, analytical and technical skills suited for the business environment.
  • To stimulate students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills and thus promote entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • To equip students with proper skills for planning, organizing, coordinating, motivating, staffing and controlling business enterprise activities
  • Equip the students with necessary entrepreneurial skills to enable them start and run a business


The Business Industry is among the oldest industries recording tremendous growth and expansion. Therefore qualified graduates in the Banking, Sales, customer service, Purchasing, Marketing, Accounting, Finance and Human Resources fields will continually be required to service the needs of these crucial sectors. Students graduating from this department possess a professional attitude and the right technical skills, enabling them to propel growth and stability in the dynamic business environment.

Certificate in Business management (Level 3) 3 Semesters ABMA Economics of the Marketplace, Understanding Functions and Roles within Business Organizations, Introduction to Business Strategy and Planning, Principles of Budgets and Financial Information, Communication Skills.
Diploma in Business management (Level 4) 4 Semesters ABMA Leadership and Management, Financial Analysis and Planning, Operations Management, Quality Management, Organizational Behaviour, Culture and Ethics, Business Management, Communication Skills.
Diploma in Business management (Level 5) 4 Semesters ABMA Business Strategy and Planning, Change Leadership, Customer Relationship Management, Strategic Decision Making, International Business.
Diploma in Business management (Level 6) 4 Semesters ABMA Strategic Business Management, Managing Marketing Strategy, Management of Human Resources, Finance for Managers, Information Technology and e-Business, Human Resource Management..
Diploma in Office Management 4 Semesters ICM Accounting, Business Management and Administration, Computer Appreciation and Application, International Business Communication, Office Procedures and Administration, Customer Service, Communication Skills. 
Advance Diploma in Office Management 4 Semesters ICM Business Law, Human Resource Management, Management Theory & Practice, Purchasing Management, Sales and Sales Management


Chief Executive officers

Business managers



Business Consultants


Marketing Executives

Human Resource Managers

Customer Care Assistants

Public Relations Officers

Financial Analysts

Business Trainers

Sales Persons

Business Brokers

Procurement Officers



Researchers in Business

 Guest relations officer
 Front office manager
 Customer care officer