The Kenyan tourism industry and the entire industry as a whole, has been growing rapidly and has continued to absorb thousands of people either directly or indirectly. AIRWAYS College’s Tourism Department prides itself in continually training and producing graduates, who have excelled in different sectors that comprise the travel and tourism industry.

Tourism refers to the act of people going to places of interest for sightseeing, relaxation or for educational purposes. The tourism induction continues to grow due to the diverse needs of tourists, create opportunities for trained personnel to ensure the growth and success o the industry. The School therefore seeks to produce qualified personnel in travel and tourism and their related


  • Impart knowledge to students on matters relating to the travel and tourism industry e.g. tour guiding, world destinations, geography of different places, and air ticketing among others.
  • To train professionals who will work in the travel and tourism industry and warmly offer professional service to clients.
  • Equip students with a service-oriented attitude demanded by the hospitality industry.
  • Train personnel to work in the airline industry in handling travelers from the time of booking, during flights and on arrival at destination.
  • To produce candidates who will champion the conservation of the environment including terrestrial and aquatic life.
IATA Tours & Travel Combined  (Foundation & Consultancy) Diploma 5 Semesters IATA Geography in Travel planning I, hotel package I, airfare & ticketing I, Air transport essentials, Travel formalities, hotel package II, Law and regulations II, Airfare & Ticketing II, Spelling Skills, Land transport, Bus and Coach, Tour Packages II, Tour operations, Communication Skills. GALILEO FREE LANGUAGE (GERMAN/FRENCH)
IATA Tours & Travel Management Diploma 2 Semesters IATA Strategy and Management, Sales and Marketing, Social media strategy, Tour operations, Technology in the travel industry, administration and accounting,, Communication Skills
IATA Diploma in Cabin Crew 4 Semesters IATA Introduction to Tourism, World geography, restaurant service, cabin theory, customer service, Communication Skills. FREE LANGUAGE (GERMAN/FRENCH)


Tour Operators

Tour Guide Drivers

Travel Agents or Managers


Customer Service Assistants

Travel Consultants

Flight Attendants

Tour interpreters (Couriers)